Writing Contest

Are you a talented writer looking for a chance to showcase your skills and compete for prizes? If so, the Medium Writing Contest is the perfect opportunity for you!
This contest is open to any professional writer interested in the freelance writing and editing niche.
To participate,
  1. Simply submit an article (500+ words) in the writing niche between 01-07-2022 and 25-07-2022.

  2. 100 articles will be selected from the submissions and the writers who have created them will be added to the "Medium Publication" for the next round of the competition.


  3. From 30th July 2022 till 30th August 2022, the selected writers can produce 5- 10 of articles for publication. On 31st August, the writer with the most number of activities (claps and visits) will be taken as the winner.

Make sure you have set up a profile to participate in this contest!

We are pleased to announce our writing competition prizes!
  1. The top writer who has the most number of claps and article visits (+comments) will be awarded $500.

  2.  The best 20 writers will be given priority access to stay in the publication and continue contributing.

  3. The Top 50 writers will be given an opportunity to take paid projects from 'Startup Writer' - Content Mediation Platform.

The Articles/Blogs submitted must be in the writing niche and should only cover topics mentioned below.

Word limit is 500 to 2000 words.

Usual topics that we cover include:

  1. Writers mindset
  2. Starting a writing career
  3. Challenges on the journey
  4. Network as a writer
  5. How to earn
  6. Guidance from your experience as a writer
  7. Tips and Tricks to achieve success
  8. The role of technology in writing
  9. The future of writing
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