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Startup Writer Basics

The questions that define who we are as a company
and how we functions.

Startup Writer is community of writers acting as a content mediation platform that helps businesses and individuals receive quality contents in affordable pricing. 

We have specialized writers in possibly every industries in the world.

we create contents for marketing agencies, startup businesses, and individuals alike.

We have around 2000 american writers ready to take up any tasks. 

Also, our community has tie up with premier writing institutions for scaling up the staff, which means, even if you bring the requirements in thousands, we could deliver quality contents without any doubt.

Rather than choosing the marketplace model, if you choose to go with managed services from our community. You'll get an account manager who could do possibly, every tasks under your command.

We have a strong system in place to ensure there is no plagiarism in any of the contents we provide you with.

  1. We use the most advanced plagiarism software in the market.
  2. We have made it clear with the writers about plagiarism and has placed strict actions on violation.
  3. Our editors team will assure every content we deliver has properly sited the reference and nothing is plagiarised, whatsoever. 

All writers are required to complete W-9 forms with valid social security.

As a community we provide writers with various opportunity to grow and constant writing works to flourish. 

This make them live a much harmonious life than going through internet for hunting clients.

So as we save them the costs on different angle, they're ready to work on much lesser costs than usual. 

Content Creation

Questions that provide you with information
on what services we provide

We create all type of written contents from blogs, landing page copy, email, ebook etc. Check out our content types for more

Publishing, Yes. Promotion and placement, No. 

If you're choosing our managed service option, we could provide you with an account manager who can help you with publishing works in any platforms.

Visit our samples page. You can find any type of contents in possibly every Industries.

Creating quality contents take a lot of work. Our team spends adequate time on research and revision before producing any sort of writing. 

But still if you require any changes/edits, our team is happy to help you until you're satisfied with the content. 

Working with writers

Questions that helps you understand
more about our writers.

We make sure each individual writers we bring into the platform meet our high standards and are categorized on the basis of experience they have on particular niches. 

The star rating is a direct resemblance of how experienced they are 1 star- indicate 3+ years of experience in the niche and industry. 

3 star- bring in a writer who is having 15+ years of expertise in following content type.

The writers who are working with us are brought from Startup writers elite writing group, an online community of writers from across United States. 

Each individual is having adequate expertise and are top players in our recruitment tresholds.


All the communication with writers could be done through account managers, who will make sure your messages are properly conveyed to the writer before every projects and even in between the projects.

You can request for unlimited edits which will be portrayed through a unique Google Doc.

You can finalize when you're satisfied with the edits and our editors team will send you the finished contents.

Subscription and Billing

Questions that can make you understand
how the billing works in our platform

We have two models of payment.

  1. Marketplace model: Where you'll only be able to order contents on one time basis.
  2. Managed Services Model: Where you can choose Monthly/Yearly subscription plans for your business.

Content marketing doesn't work without content and our subscription services make sure you get constant flow of content. 

Above all, you would be able to make relationship with the writing team which helps you on future creations.

Just let your account manager know it, he will look on to the further steps. 

So, it's easy!

Try our services risk free. If you're not satisfied with the content you can get refund. 

As long as you don't accept the content, request the refund within 30 days of ordering.

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