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Writing Skill Test

This test can give us an idea about how well you can create content 
A brief will be provided to you, based on which you can create a sample content.

Make sure you clearly go through the test briefs and descriptions before answering.

Writing Test

Brief Item

Item Description



Topic Synthetic Monitoring for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Applications


Create a short article that could aligh with the topic, Synthetic Monitoring for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Applications

- Give a proper Heading for your article and expand on it as you wish with a proper structure.






Software & Tech


Take the normal structure of an article. With a proper heading, sub headings - including introduction & conclusion. 

Don't add any images or graphs, just the writing is enough.

(make sure you do your best to showcase your knowledge in writing a content, with keyword optimization, proper research and understanding of Deep tech)

Target Audience:

Solution Architects, IT Operations


Azure Virtual Desktop, AVD, Synthetic Monitoring

Age group:




Word Count:

300 words


To get to know your writing style and approach. 

Other Instructions:

Make sure you follow the descriptions properly as instructed and keep the word count, as when starting the paid project, the instructions will be provided somewhat similarly.


Either you can fill out the text box below with the writing.


(once selected, for the paid projects we'll be using paypal for payments - make sure you have it set up.)